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Your First Visit

What to expect

We aim for your experience in our offices to be relaxing and rewarding.  We offer a caring and non-judgemental space and we listen.

Expect that your first visit will last around 75 minutes (thereafter 50 minutes or so).  At your first visit we will ask you to fill out a brief health questionnaire and discover your reasons for attending and your desired outcomes.  The purpose of the first visit is for us to fully understand your challenges and goals and identify how you may benefit from hypnotherapy at Camberwell Hypnosis.  To ensure this we will reiterate your requests and desired outcomes to confirm that we are both “on the same page”.  Following this, and if agreeable to you, we will begin hypnotherapy.  In most cases this is a relaxing experience that is gentle and afterwards you will feel very relaxed and often like a “weight has been lifted”.

At all times you are in full control and may prematurely end a session but it is our experience that our clients want their hypnosis sessions to last longer as they are so relaxing.

We look forward to working with you.

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