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*Disclaimer:  Individual results may vary.  The following testimonials are not indicative of future performance and or success.

Depression and Anxiety   * I achieved better results with Helen after a few sessions than I ever did from seeing a psychologist over the years for my depression and anxiety.  Since starting hypnotherapy I have been able to stop taking anti-depressant medication.  There are no words that can express how Helen has helped me.  I highly recommend her.

Melissa L, Kew

Anxiety  * I had anxiety for about 15 years and sometimes it was so bad I couldn’t leave my home and I would have to take days off work.  It was awful and controlled my day to day life.  I tried many different things over the years and when I found Helen I finally found someone who understood and helped.  I am now in control of myself and my life and I know that I never have to suffer from or be afraid of having anxiety again.    Thank you so much.

Lisa F, Camberwell

Quit Smoking  * I’m so pleased to have done the quit smoking program.  I found it very relaxing and I had not expected it to be so easy to quit.

Martin D, Melbourne

Quit Smoking  * I had tried hypnosis before and it had not worked for me, but I thought I would give it another go.  I am now 99 days smoke free  and feel fantastic.  I have to say I don’t think  I would have been able to do this on my own.  Thank you Julian for helping me become a non smoker.  I have recommended other people to Julian, because it is amazing to not smoke after 40 years.
Liz E, Glen Iris

Weight Loss  * Even though I had a small amount of weight to lose I was struggling with negative self-talk and mindless comfort eating. With Helen’s help I have committed to a healthy eating plan and learned to be more forgiving of myself. I found myself feeling more positive and in control after each hypnotherapy session. I’ve lost a little weight and feel I’m on the right path to a healthier, slimmer and happier me.

Kate M, Ashburton

Weight Loss  * My biggest weakness was chocolate.  I just loved it and couldn’t stop eating it everyday.  On my previous diets I managed to stop eating it for the first few days but I always went back to it and any weight I lost I put straight back on.  And apart from losing weight I knew that eating this much chocolate was not healthy.  Helen did something to make me not want chocolate at all and it worked.  I love not eating chocolate, and all those chocolate calories I’m not eating are making me lose weight.

Linda, Melbourne

Anxiety  * Helen was wonderful and professional, helped me to reassess my prorities and make changes. highly recommended.
Alice S, East Melbourne

Anxiety  * Helen is fantastic. She is friendly and thorough. I will recommend her to friends and family.
Nadine K, Melbourne

Fear of Flying  * I chose Helen to help me with my fear of flying.  I found the sessions relaxed my mind for flying and increased in confidence.  Since undertaking hypnotherapy I think of flying as something relaxing for me to do.  I no longer worry about it and have easily undertaken a 4 hour return flight and have another 11 hour flight coming up that I feel very relaxed about.  I would definitely recommend Helen.
Margaret Y, Glen Waverley

Weight Loss  * Helen is lovely – very professional and so far I’m going really well with the program.

Olivia S, Hawthorn

 Coaching  * Thank you 1,000,000, I was not expecting such power…
Vassiliki P, Greece (Skype client)


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