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Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy

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Our Stop Smoking Program:
– 2 stop smoking sessions
- 4 downloadable stop smoking hypnosis sessions
- free further stop smoking session if required (anytime within 6 months after your first session)



Our Stop Smoking Program

We’re sure that after you’ve attended your first Stop Smoking Session at Camberwell Hypnosis you’ll be wishing you had tried hypnotherapy earlier!

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If smoking were just an addiction to nicotine you would have stopped smoking easily the first time you tried for more than 4 days.  However, smoking is far more than this – it is a long established pattern of mental and habitual links to your cigarette habit… these include:

  1. stress and tension
  2. boredom and frustration
  3. fatigue and stimulation
  4. relaxation and enjoyment
  5. habit and association

for example:

  1. taking the first cigarette each morning with a cup of coffee
  2. having a cigarette each time you make a phone call
  3. smoking socially
  4. smoking with alcohol
  5. lighting up when driving the car, etc

We call these triggers and importantly these are what we break down during hypnotherapy enabling you to be a Non-Smoker for life.

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* I quit at the first appointment.  Julian made it so easy for me.  I feel much healthier and happier.  I recommend hypnosis and Julian to any smoker wanting to quit.



* I highly recommend anyone who is ready to stop smoking to see Julian.  It worked for me!



* I used to smoke a pack a day for at least 20 years.  After my appointment I just stopped.  I was really surprised.  But it worked and now its been 3 months and I don’t even think about having a cigarette.  Thanks.


* After my great experience quitting I recommended Julian to 2 friends who have also quit after seeing him.  I can’t express how easy he makes it.  I’m so happy to be a non-smoker.



* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Do you want to be a Non-Smoker forever?

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