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Easy Weight Loss - No pills, No Starving, No Cravings

Easy Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy

(including Virtual Gastric Banding)

Take control of your weight, easily and naturally with hypnotherapy.   Hypnosis is a natural therapy – there will be no drugs, starving or even diets.  We all know they don’t work.  Hypnosis does work!

At Camberwell Hypnosis we address the REAL reasons for your weight gain or retention  You already know the importance of being the right weight for your height or BMI.  However, even though you know this there is often something else that stops you from doing what you know you need to do to lose weight. These are your eating triggers which you have had for many many years and are held fast in your subconscious mind.  Hypnotherapy works directly with the subconscious mind and addresses these triggers.

At Camberwell Hypnosis we use a combination of hypnosis, counselling, NLP, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy – you will change old habits easily and naturally.  You will be more “in tune” with your body.

At Camberwell Hypnosis, where applicable, we also use Virtual Gastric Banding Hypnosis.  Virtual Gastric or Lap Banding Hypnotherapy has had great success in helping people shed many kilos easily and naturally.

Weight Loss with hypnotherapy removes the:

  1. cravings
  2. emotional eating
  3. binge eating
  4. boredom eating
  5. unhealthy food choices
  6. over eating

At Camberwell Hypnosis the typical Weight Reduction Program consists of 4-6 sessions.  During these sessions we will tailor a program to meet your individual needs, introduce you to hypnosis, identify and resolve your emotional eating reasons, change unhealthy eating patterns and habits and build confidence and self-esteem where required.


Small Group Weight Loss Programs

Save money and lose weight at the same time !

Ask us about our Group Weight Loss Programs – you may be eligible to join.



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