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Relaxed Flying

Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy

Statistically speaking flying is safer than driving a car, however, research indicates as many as 20% of all people have some fear of flying and more have an extreme fear of flying.

You may be afraid because you have never been on an airplane before, or you may have had a traumatic experience in the past while flying and developed a fear based on that event.  Some people develop a fear of flying for no apparent reason – it just appears without any warning.  Regardless of where you fall in this range of flying phobia, we can help you resolve this issue and take to the air calmly and confidently. 

About The Fear Of Flying

Fear of flying is a learned response to a particular situation.  Somewhere in the past you developed an unconscious pattern of thought that associates flying with something that is frightening.  Some common feelings we hear from clients with this fear include:

  • I’m afraid the airplane will crash
  • I feel like I’m not in control
  • I feel claustrophobic
  • I’m worried I’ll be sick
  • I’m scared of turbulence

Some fear is even experienced at the time or booking or even thinking about a possible flight far into the future.

You could feel something completely different but either way, you might deal with the situation by managing your fear with breathing, or alcohol or prescription medication.  These methods work short term.  The fear is still there when the drugs wear off.  A much better and more permanent approach is to eliminate the fear altogether, and that’s exactly what NLP and hypnotherapy can do for you.

Help from Camberwell Hypnosis

We will teach you how to consciously and deliberately change the course of your thoughts.  It only takes a short time to help your mind learn to change old unhelpful thought patterns.  Flying can become a source of relaxation rather than a source of fear and anxiety.

Depending on your individual situation, the combination of NLP and hypnotherapy will help you get rid of your flying phobia in as few as two or three one-hour sessions.

Farewell to my fear of flying

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